Our Story

Cebu is known for many things, two of which are their festivities and food. Born and raised in Cebu, Abub cherished both grand and intimate celebrations, and at the heart of each and everyone was Lechon.

She moved to Manila and started a family of her own. Being a Cebuana housewife in Manila, she began to crave for Lechon, to crave for home. With a little help and a lot of love, she built Abub’s Native Cebuana Lechon from the ground up since 2002. Today, it continues to grow and expand with the same vision in mind, that every bite you taste more than just its flavor, you experience Cebu.

How We Make our Lechon?

Abub’s Cebuana Lechon only serves high-quality and premium Lechon!

We start our process by acquiring only the best herbs and spices that give our Lechon the distinct juicy and mouthwatering taste. Abub’s then sends our pig to a government accredited butchery that has passed the National Meat Inspection Service’ rigorous cleanliness requirements.

Afterward, we proceed to our preparation area where our team prepares our pigs for marinating and roasting. The preparation area is then sanitized and cleaned to ensure Abub’s premium quality Lechon. We then roast our Lechon with master roasters flown in from Cebu in our cemented roasting pit using charcoal—which gives our Lechon their smokey and delicious aroma.

After roasting the Lechon, it is meticulously inspected by our quality assurance team to ensure we send out Lechon that is Abub’s Approved.